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In Colonie, New York

Located minutes from Albany International Airport

"An independent company
serving you since 1981"

Sand Creek Music is the only
recording studio in the Northeast
that uses Pro Tools Ultimate



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Owned and operated by Patrick Bologna, Sand Creek Studios has been around for over three decades. We know what most people want when they walk in a recording studio. 1) Low prices, 2) a final product that doesn't have that "basement" sound, and 3) a finished product that will sound great in my car, especially when I turn it up loud. We have some of the greatest analog recording equipment in the world that features digital recording with full control digital editing, digital mixing with automated faders, full console recall, and analog mastering to CD, DAT, reel-to-reel tape, or cassette.

The studio is operated full-time and is equipped with an outstanding 64-bit Pro Tools Ultimate recording system for the serious musician, producer, or audio/video professional. Designed primarily for live instrumental and vocal production, the studio will handle any type of music from jazz to heavy metal bands with acoustic excellence.

The console is an Avid D-Command that features dedicated, center section panels for EQ and dynamics plug-in editing, as well as per-channel control over many processing functions, routing, and automation modes. It has high-quality, touch-sensitive motorized faders, comprehensive monitoring and a communications control section with high-speed Ethernet protocol to connect the console to the mix engine. It also has 7.1 surround sound capabilities. The D-Command provides powerful hands-on command over any size project.

The studio includes a unique headphone system that provides each musician with an 8 channel stereo mixer, allowing an endless variety of mixes to suit the individual needs of each player. We find that people naturally play better when they can hear things the way they want to hear them. For instance, the keyboardist can turn up his keyboard and turn down the guitar! The drumer can turn up his kick drum and turn down the keyboard. You get the idea. Finally, the engineer will have a mix that will be available to each musician if they choose to listen.


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